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A Study of Isaiah Part Two

Here you will find a commentary on Isaiah. My wife, Carol, and I taught a course on Isaiah and this second segment contains our notes on chapters 40 through 66. My notes are included and so indicated by the word "Ready" after the chapters. I have not yet put Carol's notes in form for the web site and such chapters are indicated with the words "Not Ready". Hopefully I will make time soon to include those notes also. My God richly bless you as you study this wonderful book.

Introduction Not Ready
Chapter 40,41 Not Ready
Chapters 42-44 Ready
Chapter 45-46 Not Ready
Chapter 47-50 Ready
Chapter 51-53 Not Ready
Chapter 54-57 Not Ready
Chapter 58-60 Ready
Chapter 61-63 Not Ready
Chapter 64-66 Ready
Summary Not Ready
Applications Not Ready


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