This book is a Christian book and a science fiction book about some peoples' search for reality and the possible future of the church. The book presents the following:

The book is readily available from Amazon and Barnes and Noble and other sources. I pray that God will use this book for His Glory.

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Important Notice

The following is an advertisement for the "The Politically Incorrect Guide? to the Bible" that was just advertised (March 4, 2008). The book is a guide to understanding the truth of the Bible in contrast to the mounting resistance to the truth of the Bible. The ad describes the following situation as a major cause of resistance to the truth of the Bible:

"For an influential group of academic, government and media elites, the Bible is the source of most of the evil in the world today. Everywhere one turns -- from television, to mainstream news magazines, to the current avalanche of best-selling atheist tracts -- the Bible that millions revere as holy is ridiculed and condemned. The critics say the Bible is full of fables masquerading as history, and that it has regularly incited people to violence and immorality."

It is important to note that the last sentence above is also part of the core premise of my book, "A Search for Reality", in which the government rids the world of religion as a major move in its goal for peace.

Churches of humanists have started having organized meetings much like described in this book so several portions of this book have been realized in 2009.

We must be armed with the truth and know what is happening in the world. I pray that my book will help in both regards.


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