Former resident publishes first book

Starkville Daily News, Starkville, MS January 27, 2008

Gwen Sisson

Imagine life when God's church has lost acceptance and the government only allows a new "church" structure that rejects the concept of a Biblical God.

The purpose of the new churches is to help people attain peace in their lives. A world dictator has emerged who achieved peace by suppressing the former concepts of religion modules to mold the minds of citizens to accept this new structure and all known Christians are isolated. The main character is a scientist who achieves all that the world can offer, but who still thinks something is missing. e and his friends initiate a search for "real" reality. As the story unfolds, choices must be made between the manufactured peace of this worldly existence and the dangers of declaring themselves Christians.

This is the backdrop of the first novel by Dr. Leon L. Combs, who was a Starkville resident from 1967-1992. Combs taught chemistry for 25 years and served as head of the department at Mississippi State University for eight years. He and his wife Carol and son Jeff, who graduated from Starkville High, are now at home in Marietta Ga. where they settled after retiring from MSU. They came to Kennesaw State University where he served as Chair of Chemistry and Biochemistry for 14 years and then retired from KSU the end of June, 2006. While in Starkville, Carol was an administrative secretary for a president and two vice-presidents at MSU. Combs holds a Ph.D. in Chemical Physics from Louisiana State University after earning his B.S. degree in Chemistry from MSU.

Combs has taught Sunday School classes for about 30 years in three different Christian denominations. He is currently a member of a reformed Presbyterian church.

You can also find him on his website, which carries many of his Christian writings. Combs said this book began 20 years ago as he observed how the church was losing its identity as God's Church. He said people attending such churches seemed mainly interested in socializing and hearing sermons designed to make them feel better. He also observed how people were treating sports as religions.

He said he was determined to finish his book, after retiring from KSU, since he felt many of the futuristic aspects of the book are currently appearing on the world scene.

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