A news article from The Newton Record, Newton, MS. Published December 12, 2007.

NEWTON - Leon Combs, an author who was raised in Newton, has just released a book entitled 'Search for Reality,' which presents the difference between a materialistic worldview and a Christian worldview and the personal cost of accepting either.

"This book describes a situation that has already begun where Christians are being subtly persecuted and people are naively modifying their worship of God to conform to worldly models," Combs said. "The difference between Christian and naturalistic worldviews and their consequences must be examined."

In the story line, the world government uses virtual reality modules to mold the minds of citizens to accept this new structure, and all known Christians are isolated. Enter Mac, a scientist who has achieved all the world can offer but also still thinks there's something missing. He and his friends initiate a search for reality, and as the story seamlessly unfolds they must make a choice between the manufactured peace of their worldly existence and the dangers of declaring themselves true believers.

A scientist with an extensive background in research and university level teaching, Dr. Combs has a rare insight into what is developing in our society.

"The seeds of this book were planted in my mind 20 years ago, when I began observing how the church was losing its identity as God's church," Combs said. "After I retired I committed myself full-time to finishing the book because of the many futuristic aspects of it which are already appearing."

Combs' parents were Lamar and Roberta Combs. He graduated from Newton High School, from Mississippi State University with a B.S. degree in Chemistry, and from Louisiana State University with a Ph.D. in Chemical Physics. His wife Carol, is the former Carol Hardee from Newton and they have one son, Jeff, who is an industrial engineer currently employed by Simpler, a lean manufacturing consulting company, in Hampton Virginia. Leon and Carol are blessed with two grandsons (Jason and Alan) and two granddaughters (Hailey and Breanna).