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"In the same way, let your light shine before men, that they may see your good deeds and praise your Father in heaven." Matthew 5:16/NIV

My thesis for the M.A. degree in theology can be read here: M.A. Thesis. Here is an article on Knowing God's Will that was written by my wife, Carol. Below are some other papers that I have worked on over the years. I pray God's richest blessing upon you as you study them.

Adam Is man basically good?
Adoption The wonderful story of our adoption.
All A study of "all" as used in Scripture pertaining to salvation.
Anxiety A warning sign of a spiritual problem.
Apostles' Creed Not all translations are correct
Benefits of Affliction by John Newton: A must read
Bury the Guilt Guilt reduces a Christian's effectiveness.
Chosen by God God makes choices
Christians Against Christians Are not the enemies of the world enough?
Christian Love and Hate What should we hate?
Christians Real Christians are ...
Christmas The birth of our Lord
Church I What is the church of Jesus Christ?
Church II What are the functions of the church?
Church III What is the member involvement?
Church IV How do we keep it healthy?
Compartmentalization An overview of Science & Christianity & Compartmentalization.
Conscience An overview of the concept of a conscience.
Creation An overview of Creation Theories..
Dealing With Death Something we must all face.
Death, Then Judgment No reincarnation!
Death:Suicide A difficult topic.
Doxologies An important study.
Faith A must study for Christians. The word is not the same thing as trust or belief.
Family of God A wonderful blessing for us all.
Free Will What is it? Who has it?
Fresh Start Everyone has the opportunity to live life fresh.
God Causes God causes ALL things to happen!
Harvest It is time for a harvest wherever you live.
Holy Spirit I Posted July 26, 2008.
Holy Spirit II A study of Spiritual Gifts
Jesus Must be Lord He is Lord of all whether or not anyone admits it.
Legalism&Antinomianism Two gutter balls to be avoided.
Light The concept of light is developed.
Miracles When are they?
Paul's Life An outline of the life of the Apostle Paul.
Possible Impossible Important definitions.
Prayer The instructions from our Lord and a topical study are available here.
Real Meaning of Science The primary focus of science and Christianity is to point us to God.
Resurrection A certainty whether anyone believes it or not.
Salvation The three phases of salvation are discussed in some detail.
Self Fulfillment We need to be very careful with this concept.
Sovereignty The absolute sovereignty of God.
Suffering and Tribulation Important concepts for us since we all undergo such.
The Tithe Not 10% but 100%!
Tulip Discussions on Free Will, Liberty, Calvinism vs Arminianism
Sins' Results For us all.
Walking When Attacked Walking in the world can damage our self-image.
Who Are Teachers? Only those gifted by the Holy Spirit.
Why Does Life Have Value? Only God's children have life with meaning and value.
Worldview A Christian worldview is critical for living in this difficult world.


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