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Here you will find my commentary on Romans. The apostle Paul gave us this rich book about God. These are the chapters of Romans that I have been working on and I pray that they will be as uplifting for you as they have been for me to study and write. Certainly this is the book of theology and none of us can really understand it all. I think that these studies are at a level that will help all of us better live the life that God has given us. Please pray before reading and ask God to lead you in a more complete understanding and application of all of these works of God through Paul.

Intro and Preface to Romans
Romans One ("Becoming More Christ-Like Every Day")Romans Two ("Living the life of a child of God") Romans Three ("The Truth About Ourselves and God")
Romans Four ("From Abraham to Us") Romans Five (Adam and Jesus and assurance) Romans Six (Dead to Sin, Alive to Christ)
Romans Seven ("The Christian View of the Law")Romans Eight (Perseverance of the Saints) Romans Nine (God's Sovereign Choice)
Romans Ten (Saving Faith) Romans Eleven (To God's Glory) Romans Twelve (The Christian and Others)
Romans Thirteen (Church and State) Romans Fourteen (Christian Liberty) Romans Fifteen (Personal Ministry and Plans)
Romans Sixteen (Final Greetings) Assignments


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