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This is a commentary written by me and my wife, Carol, on the book of Genesis. We attempt to exegete the book without any preunderstandings such as the length of the "day" in the first two chapters. The material is presented just as it is written with great respect for the Creator. God gives us both general and special revelation of Himself and they cannot be contradictory. Problems arise when one interprets either incorrectly. By reading into the material what is not there one robs God of some of His glory. Creation is magnificent at both extremes (the universe and the sub-molecular level) and we should not put our preunderstandings into interpreting what God tells us. I pray that this material will be a blessing to you as preparing it has been for me.  

An Introduction to Genesis Genesis Chapter One Genesis Details on Man
Genesis Two Genesis 3-5 Genesis 3-5
Genesis 3-5 Genesis 4:18 - 6:13 Genesis 6:14-7:24
Genesis 8:1-9:17 Genesis 9:18-11:26 Genesis Overview of Abraham
Genesis 12-14 Genesis 15-17 Genesis 18-20
Genesis 21-23:20 Genesis 24-25 Genesis 26-27
Genesis 28-30 Genesis 31-33 Genesis 34-36
Genesis 37-39 Genesis 40-41 Genesis 42-45
Genesis 46-48 Genesis 49-50 Genesis Extra


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