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Below are audio files on various aspects of the Church. I pray that they will be useful in this format.

The Church 1 This audio addresses questions about the church: militant, triumphant, visible, invisible, etc.
The Church 2Aspects of life within the church, group and individual. Encumbrances and sin (Heb 12:1).
The Church 3 Oneness of the body of Christ. How to run the race. John 17:11; 17:22
The Church 4 Interactions of Christians with each other. Matt 25:35-40
The Church 5 Other ways Christians interact with each other. 1 Peter 4:9; Rom 12:10, 13, 16; Heb 13:2; others.
The Church 6 Other interactions like stimulating each other. Heb 10:24-25; 1 Cor 12:4, 7, 11, 14:12; others.
The Church 7 Christians behavior toward other Christians. Rom 12:9-17; 18-21.
The Church 8 Christians obeying governing authorities. Rom 13:1-7.
The Church 9 Sins of Christians agains Christians Gal 8:24-26.
The Church 10 Church Discipline Heb 5:12-8; 12:12-13.
The Church 11 Life in the New Self Col 3:1-4.
The Church 12 Sinners or Saints? Eph 2:1-3 and more.
The Church 13 Sanctification.
The Church 14 Falling from Grace.
The Church 15 Death for a Christian.
The Church 16 Prayer.
The Church 17 Home.
The Church 18 Disciple.
The Church 19 TeachersI.
The Church 20 TeachersII.
The Church 21 Review.


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