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This is a commentary I wrote on the book of Acts. These are the chapters of the book of Acts that I have been working on and I pray that they will be as uplifting for you as they have been for me to study and write. I just finished writing on Romans and Epesians as we studied theology. In James we studied how to test ourselves and others concerning our Christianity as to whether it is true or false and we learned how to be more effective as individual Christians. Now we are ready to study the application of theology to the function of the body of believers, the church. The first part I wrote as an introduction and then I will work through each chapter as we learn how the church started and some of the details about how it worked during the first 30 years or so of church history. The work of God through the church is really amazing. I hope that you will find this study uplifting and helpful in choosing a visible church in which to serve our Lord Jesus Christ.

An Introduction to Acts Acts One Acts Two
Acts Three Acts Four Acts Five
Acts Six Acts Seven Acts Eight
Acts Nine Acts Ten Acts Eleven
Acts Twelve Acts Thirteen Acts Fourteen
Acts Fifteen Acts Sixteen Acts Seventeen
Acts Eighteen Acts Nineteen Acts Twenty
Acts Twenty One Acts Twenty Two Acts Twenty Three
Acts Twenty Four Acts Twenty Five Acts Twenty Six
Acts Twenty Seven Acts Twenty Eight


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